Matt Hardy Arrested In North Carolina For DWI reports that Matt Hardy was arrested in North Carolina today on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.



According to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, a trooper discovered the TNA Wrestling Superstar after his 2009 Corvette ran off the road and struck a tree. Hardy was by himself and did not suffer any injuries.

The trooper observed signs of impairment and arrested Hardy. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and the trooper found no other contraband in the vehicle. Hardy submitted to a blood test, results of which are pending.

He was released at approximately 7:00 p.m.

TNA Wrestling officials reportedly suspended Hardy in June due to continuously arriving late to events and posting a video online of himself urging Jeff Hardy to stun Reby Sky (Matt’s girlfriend) with a taser. He stated last week on Twitter that his time away from the ring has been a blessing in disguise as it has allowed him to completely clean up his life.

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