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Matt Hardy booked in gimmick match for RAW next week

Matt Hardy said goodbye to the WWE Universe last week and it is not certain if he will be leaving the company. However, he is scheduled to compete in a match next week.

Hardy’s contract will expire on March 1st and he has yet to sign a contract. Now Matt Hardy will be squaring off against Randy Orton after Hardy was hit by Orton with a conchairto.

WWE officially announced that Hardy will be facing Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred match on the next episode of Monday Night RAW.

We wonder if he will re-sign with the company after his contract expires.

  • Jesus Ortiz

    Good point

  • Harrison’s friend

    That’s fine, you can call me a troll. But do you also see the irony of calling me a troll, when you tend to come on this site to complain about how the bloggers do their job half the time? I actually didn’t realize there was a block option. Good to know.

  • CC

    Why do you follow me around making comments about what I say? Can you not see the idiotic irony in your comments?
    You realise you can just block me yeah, and the more you comment on my posts, the more I will call you a troll?

  • Harrison’s friend

    Why do you criticise everything this site does yet continue to go on it? It’s like how wrestling fans continue to talk about how bad WWE is yet they continue to spend money going to their live events and provide them ratings by watching shows. It’s so counterproductive. “You do everything wrong but I’m going to encourage this by continuing to support you”.

  • CC

    And yet earlier this week we were told the beatdown from Orton was how they were writing Matt off of WWE TV and potentially out of the company.
    Nice to see the dirt sheets had their inside info right te again … jeez.