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Matt Hardy reportedly close to owning the Broken Gimmick

Broken Matt Hardy GFW

  • EVH

    Even though i think the Broken gimmick is a bit goofy (and a success for all the wrong reasons) i dont see why Vince would’nt allow it, since he has allowed outside gimmicks in WWE, namely the nWo and “Crow” Sting.

  • CC

    “it’s doubtful if the company would let Hardy use a gimmick on their
    programming, which he will be free to use elsewhere once his contract

    So what about he Matt Hardy and Hardy Boyz gimmick that they could use elsewhere?
    Or the Cactus Jack gimmick that Mick Foley could use elsewhere?
    Or the MVP gimmick that has been used elsewhere?
    Or any other bloody gimmick that has been used elsewhere?

  • Arnold Jackson

    As odd as it sounds, Vince doesn’t watch other wrestling shows and STILL might not heard of the broken gimmick and just has no clue what Matt is doing out there.

  • Killswitch

    It would be weird to disallow the broken gimmick after he’s teased it this much. If Vince thought it was weird or dopey, you’d think he’d have said something by now.