Matt Hardy Concerns Bray Wyatt Fans With Photos

Former WWE star Matt Hardy previously had a run with Bray Wyatt as a tag team in WWE. They had even won the WWE RAW Tag-Team Championships. Hardy took to his Twitter account and posted some pictures with Wyatt amid the rumors of latter’s absence from the company. The Wrestling Informer had also previously reported about Wyatt dealing with health issues.



Bray Wyatt has reportedly been pulled out of WrestleMania 39. He was announced to battle Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39. It has been noted that Wyatt hasn’t been seen on television for a while. He also missed a big show for WWE at Madison Square Garden.

Ryan Frederick of the Wrestling Observer noted that Wyatt is out indefinitely and has been pulled from the WrestleMania card due to creative issues. Previously, during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Bray Wyatt missed WWE’s Madison Square Garden show. It was also noted that the reason for his absence is unclear.

It was noted that this story “could turn into more,” but it is a very new situation. According to a report by Xero News, Bray Wyatt is currently dealing with personal issues.
It has been noted that the highly-anticipated program with Lashley hasn’t picked up yet. Uncle Howdy is continuing his story with The All Mighty, but the buildup has been lackluster due to Wyatt not being on RAW or SmackDown. He is yet to address Lashley after the latter’s attack on Howdy. We will see if he is featured at WrestleMania.

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