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Matt Hardy on the difference between Broken and Woken gimmicks

Woken Matt Hardy

During a recent interview with WWE 2K, Matt Hardy talked about his Woken gimmick in WWE and discussed about the difference between it and the original version of the character known as Broken.

According to Hardy, both these characters are very similar and he described Broken Matt as someone who had broken down the barriers in his mind:

They are very similar. Basically, Broken Matt broke down the barriers in his mind and could use more of that ability. And returning back home, the reception that we received when we came out at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, it held my condition, the Broken mind, dormant for a matter of months.

Continuing on the topic the former Hardcore Champion said that after touching Bray Wyatt which houses Sister Abigail, he became Woken:

And then, after touching the magical creature known as Bray Wyatt, it actually houses Sister Abigail, which I was able to draw from her magic and it reignited the magic within me. So I became Woken and realized all of my broken brilliance. It’s very interesting. They are very similar. There’s a little bit of difference because the Woken Wisdom is the second rebirth.

Will Matt Hardy’s Woken Gimmick work in WWE in long run? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section

  • Yespage

    I thought it was a hat tip to Barbara Walters.

  • Raidertre

    What he meant to say was “Woken up a watered down WWE version of the Broken character”.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I always thought the difference between Broken and Woken was just enough to avoid a lawsuit…