Matt Hardy gives health update following AEW All Out incident

Matt Hardy suffered a concussion following a horrific bump at AEW All Out. He was knocked out and the match was halted, only to be restarted after a small break. He won his match against Sammy Guevara but now will be taking a break from in-ring action.



Hardy took to Twitter and informed fans of his health. He reassured everyone that he is okay and is going to be okay. He is used to taking bumps throughout his career and will bounce back from this one as well. He is also elated to know how much his fans care about him.

“Hey, everybody. I want to take a very quick minute and make this video to Tweet afterward,” Hardy said. “I just want to say to everyone out there who has sent me a message, or texted me, or DM’d me, or sent me a tweet or on Facebook, whatever it may be – there were so many. It was overwhelming and so humbling over the last few weeks. I’ve had a rough run the last few weeks, but so many people have reached out to check on me, and my condition, and health. There was just so much concern, and I’m so appreciative and humbled by it.”

“I just want to say thank you and let you know I’m okay and I’m going to be okay,” Hardy said. “I get knocked down a lot, but I’m going to do my damndest to get back up and I’m going to be 100% fine when it’s all said and done. I want you guys to keep that mentality as well because we’re living in a very difficult time. 2020 has been a rotten year, and I hope you stay strong because tough times call for tough people. I’m going to let you know I’m also planning on being on AEW Dynamite this week. I plan on being there, and I hope while I’m on All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, you are able to kind of get away and escape from the world. And hope I can put a smile on your face and entertain you.”

Following AEW All Out, Hardy was taken to a hospital. Several people criticized AEW for allowing him to wrestle in that condition, especially his wife Reby.

No return timetable was given for Hardy, so it could be some time until fans see him in the ring again. We will keep you updated on his condition.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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