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Matt Hardy on segment with Randy Orton on RAW: “I didn’t get what I deserved”

Last week’s RAW segment between Matt Hardy and Randy Orton was reportedly done to write Hardy off TV. However, the ratings for that segment were impressive so WWE decided to bring Matt back for another segment this week.

Reports suggest that Hardy has repeatedly declined deals that the company has offered him. The Broken One’s contract ends within the next two weeks which indicates that Hardy might not sign with WWE after all.

On this week’s RAW, Randy Orton brutalized Hardy and sent him to the hospital with another con-chair-to. Hardy has taken to his Twitter handle to react to this segment and he is not impressed.

Hardy said that he showed up on this week’s RAW despite people warning him not to. This led to him sustaining multiple injuries at the hands of Orton.

Hardy said that if this was his “WWE Goodbye” then it is surely not what he deserved. However, Hardy said that maybe he got what he needed.

Matt Hardy has been teasing a shift to AEW and the members of Dark Order (the faction that he’s rumored to be the leader of) are also doing the same on their Twitter handles. Therefore it will be interesting to see how this whole situation pans out and if Hardy actually lands in AEW.


  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    They definitely could have had a WM build up match between Hardy and Orton at one of the next PPV’s, if not Raw, where Edge would be involved in the match decision. This would have been a better send-off, IMO. I guess I’m hoping that at the very least Matt does a one-off appearance at WrestleMania to support Edge.