Matt Hardy On Working For NEW, Social Networking Sites & more

– Matt Hardy recently spoke about working NEW’s Wrestlefest event, here are the highlights…



On Working For NEW: “I’m really excited about the show. I heard that he did a Grade A, really top-notch show,” Hardy said. “MVP is one of my biggest enemies and friends and we’re both hungry to prove ourselves and tear the house down.”

On Performing: “It’s not a run-of-the-mill independent wrestling card,” Hardy said. “It’s so fun and so pure when a show is run and promoted as a very good independent wrestling event. They’re just simply fun. There’s no pressure. You get to do your thing. When the pressure and politics are taken away is when wrestling becomes fun again. That’s what you work for.”

On Using Social Networking: “There’s so many outlets to publicize yourself,” Hardy said. “You need to take advantage of it. They weren’t around 25 or 30 years ago. There’s a lot of people out there who will follow you online and watch your stuff.”

On Small Promotions Being Breeding Grounds: “It’s very important,” Hardy said. “You look at a place like NEW and it’s really the closest thing to a territory that you’ve got. To be able to have shows like that is a really good forum. You learn how to do the thing live. There are people of all experience levels working on the shows.”

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