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Matt Hardy posts cryptic tweet, starts rumors about wrestling career

Broken Matt Hardy GFW

  • CC

    Of course not. That would be actual news rather than TMZ fluff pieces about who JTG thinks Nikki Bella will date.

  • Soulshroude

    Notice that what you just stated ISN’T advertised on ANY of these so called “wrestling sites…”

  • Wicka Steve

    You mean when they talk about Kevin Nash the first thing people say isn’t “oh, you mean former TNA Legends champion Kevin Nash?”

  • CC

    Just for the record, this tweet is more than likely inspired by the death of one of Matt’s Omega days friends, Tracy Cadell who was buried today.

  • CC

    Do not expect much from Anutosh. He always posts rubbish like this.
    He posted something before about a former “IC champion” or something like that, when the guy had been a WWE champion in the past as well,

  • CC

    “It’s worth mentioning here that the 2005 incident Hardy mentions about
    is probably the time he was released by WWE for unprofessional conduct
    on social media after discovering that Lita had an affair with Edge.”

    Well what else do you think it is? There is no “probably” about it, jeez.

  • David F

    Really? Former hardcore champion?! instead of a former WWECW champion or 9 time tag team champion or US champion or hell you couldve mention the 2 times he was TNA World Champion!

    You mention a championship he won for 1 day in April 2000?

    Do the people who write these for this site even watch wrestling or like it?