Matt Hardy Posts Mission Statement, Says Turbulent Times Are Over

– Matt Hardy posted the following on Facebook last night:




My turbulent time in life is done. I will not be negative again. I will not be stained by hate again. I will not use poor judgment again. I will not be hypocritical, and I will always try to be brutally honest with everyone I interact with. Without going into intricate details now, last Thanksgiving I had a vision that led me to believe I have a purpose to serve in this life. Everyday it becomes more of a reality. My body is slowly becoming healthy again.. It’s time for me to utilize it by realizing it’s current maximum potential and by being disciplined in doing so. I can make a difference because of the experiences I’ve learned from my victories and my failures. And I will. I refuse to let ANYONE or ANYTHING detour me from what the future holds for me. This has caused changes in my life and may mean more.. But if God and the bigger plan calls for it, then so be it. If you’ve believed in me throughout my ups and downs, thank you so much for your support. If you believed in me, and then I lost your faith, I understand. I hope you and any non-believers or pessimistic skeptics will follow me in the future. I hope to change your minds. Regardless, I have to do what I know is right-for me, for my loved ones, and my true friends. I’ve been given SO much by SO many people, it’s my turn to give back by helping, sharing, and teaching. I know what I have to do in my lifetime.. My name is Matt Hardy and I’m a small-town boy from Cameron, NC with big-time dreams. I take pride in the truth of my own reality-and that empowers me. It’s now my time and job now to empower you. Godspeed everyone.

Matt Hardy

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