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Matt Hardy responds to John Oliver, defends WWE

Matt Hardy

Prior to WrestleMania, John Oliver tackled the WWE on Last Week Tonight, calling them out for their treatment of superstars over the years and keeping them on as independent contractors. Wrestling personalities, past and present, weighed in on the debate, with some siding with Oliver while others felt his arguments were a little outdated.

Matt Hardy has joined the latter, as he recently revealed on FOX News.

When I first started here, the locker room and everything was like the wild wild west then. The change that has happened in those twenty-plus years has been unreal.

Now, the drug testing is very stringent. You have to be here and you have to be good and on top of your game. You have to be a professional. The physicals they do as far as cardiovascular and just checking you over and over… several guys they’ve caught that have had serious issues that could’ve been life threatening.

Hardy went on to say that the WWE has paid for every single surgery he’s ever had and feels it’s unfair to judge how the company is handling its talent now compared to issues that were handled years, even decades ago. You can check out the full video here.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Hell, you can even look at guys like Droz. Paralysed in the ring due to an accident, WWE not only covered his medical bills, but also continued to employ him in a new role to make sure he was looked after, and even after he left the company, they -still- financially support him to this day.

  • Keith Learmonth

    And yet, all these wrestlers continue to defend them, even some, as others pointed out, who don’t work there.

    For a company that “doesn’t provide a sense of corporate family” most people who work there don’t seem to complain. And when you do hear complaints, it’s almost always “They didn’t let me work enough!” or “I felt I was underutilized!”… a far cry from “I’m overworked and didn’t get health care”… because, as Matt pointed out, WWE does pay for his healthcare. They just pay it by covering Matt’s costs for him, rather than going through a third party insurance company, which, given how insurance companies like to be about “Well, this is your own fault so we won’t cover you” sounds like a better system, to be honest.

  • Yespage

    WWE terribly overworks their wresters. And when I say ‘their’ I mean their independent self employed contractors that are anything but independent. The WWE does not provide health care or even pay their fair share of payroll taxes thanks to the self employed contractor scheme.

    For a company that expects everything from their workers, they don’t provide any sense of corporate family.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think the issue, as far as guys like John Oliver see it, is that WWE is under no obligation to do that. He doesn’t bother looking at whether they do it anyway, regardless of obligations.

    WWE could, legally, turn to Matt, and say “Nah, you’re on your own, buddy”, and John Oliver made a story out of that, even though it’s not how they do business.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    That one of the media biggest problem right now. You don’t know if the news is real or fake.

  • CC

    I can’t remember who it was, but last year someone who has not worked for WWE for a few years (maybe Lance Storm, but maybe not) said that the thing about there being no health care from WWE is a lie. Whoever it was had no allegiance to WWE, so for me that was certainly an indication that when people do these stories like Oliver did, they may not have all the facts correct, and probably get a lot of their info from older bitter wrestlers.