Matt Hardy Talks About Being World Heavyweight Champion and More

– Matt Hardy revealed in a new MySpace blog that he will be starting a new training program today following surgery on his abdomen last week to get in shape for his return to WWE TV.



“Today Is The Day.. That I start getting back to being me, Matt Hardy. Whether you love me or you hate me, you can’t deny my passion and drive.” Hardy said.

“I start my slow, yet gradual climb back to the top of the mountain. I refuse to lose. I hope each and every one of you are in my corner.. and if not, then so be it.”

Hardy also brought up the World Heavyweight Championship, “It’s time for Matt Hardy to be what I’m destined to be.. The World Heavyweight Champ. And I will! I’m free to get my total game where it needs to be..”

He added, “Thank for sticking with me through thick and thin, good and bad-it will pay off in the long run! I truly love my real people..”

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