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Matt Hardy teases return to WWE

As we previously reported, Matt and Jeff Hardy are done with TNA after feeling disrespected by the company during negotiations. Matt took to Twitter earlier today (Wed. March 1, 2017) to reflect on being a free agent:

He then teased a possible WWE return by responding to an old Tweet from WWE Champion Bray Wyatt on Twitter:

Are you onboard for a Wyatt vs. ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy feud pending his possible return?


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  • Nicholas2778

    I can really easily see Jeff and Matt Hardy showing up the day after WM. I believe right now they going to go with what they got for WM.

  • Arnold Jackson

    No interest in seeing Matt vs Bray. Bray is a horror story weirdo and The Broken Hardys are a comedy act. New Day is a much better opponent for them.

  • Arnold Jackson

    You know I have thought that was going to be the exact storyline too. I did see the video on Rowan’s twitter this morning but I didn’t see him digging anyone up though. I saw him being the wandering lost sheep who was finding his way. I wouldn’t be surprised if they saw that happened though. I read he was just cleared for returning to the ring and was at the Performance Center. It would be a best case that he returns during the Wyatt WM match after Harper shows up looking like he is about the screw Wyatt out of the belt.

  • MrDr3w

    The Wyatts are fine. After WM, it will be Bray, back with Luke Harper, and the returning Erick Rowan. A report came out today with a video suggesting that Rowan had already dug up the corpse of Sister Abigail last summer, and that Bray had been setting up Orton to THINK he had been in control the entire time. I’m sure W-E will have the story up soon.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Sure… old stock bringing in new talent. But don’t Matt and Jeff need to go to NXT first?

  • TheFizPop

    Not too difficult providing reports are true, regarding wwe title, as Shane will cost Styles his shot now Randy wants in, setting up ShaneO v Styles at WM. Put that alongside Miz v Cena in a match nobody wants. We have two sets of boring tag champs, so this tag team domination Hardy’s are on looks more the case

  • CC

    Depending on what route WWE goes with the title match now, and who will be involved (will it be a three way with both AJ and Randy taking on Bray?), it would be great for the Hardys to return with no announcement prior to their debut. Have them appear at WM and actually save Bray from losing the title, so Broken Matt can then challenge him for the title himself.
    Sadly, with the Wyatt family split, it would not have as much impact, but could still be a great weirdo vs weirdo feud.