Matt Hardy Wife Breaks Silence On Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has been reportedly released by WWE. It was noted that he was offered rehab but he had turned it down. Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy had previously stated that he spoke with Jeff on Monday and that Jeff was at home and was fine. Now, Matt’s wife Reby Hardy has taken to her Twitter account and it seems she wants to stay out of the matter.



She wrote:

Don’t @ me today

Beth Hardy, the wife of the ‘Charismatic Enigma’ has made a brief statement regarding the well-being of her husband. After Hardy was reportedly let go by the company earlier today, fans wondered about the well-being of the Charismatic Enigma. Apparently, Jeff is doing well.

The tweet was posted to Beth’s private Twitter account after the news broke. She says the family is good. She also took a jab at writers who reported on the release and closed the message with a peace sign emoji.

“Jeff is good.

We are good.

Post that you “heard” that.


The message follows after Matt Hardy’s tweet where he said his brother has the best heart and soul of any human being he’s ever met. Jeff had last worked a live show in Edinburg, TX on Saturday night with Xavier Woods and Drew McIntyre as his tag team partners against The Bloodline. According to reports, Hardy spent most of the match in the ring and he was worked over by Roman Reigns but he became more sluggish as the match continued.

When Hardy tagged out, he was chased by security at a live show after he abruptly left the ring during the match. He went into the crowd and never returned to celebrate with his tag team partners after the match ended. He was replaced by Rey Mysterio in the six-man tag team bout against The Bloodline (Roman Reigns & The Usos) on Sunday.

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