Matt Hardy Wife Exposes ‘Fraud’ CM Punk In Video

Reby Hardy joins his husband Matt Hardy as she appreciates and supports The Elite and Kenny Omega. In a TikTok video, Reby took a shot at a past CM Punk tweet as seen in a video below, appreciating the EVPs of AEW for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the craft. The fight happened after the All Out media scrum, and there are reports that Ace Steel also sided with the new AEW Champion.



It’s not new for Punk to badmouth others. Punk has done that for the WWE over the years, and the approach continues in the new promotion. Tony Khan looked wrong during the media scrum as Punk wouldn’t let him talk during his segment with the media.

Punk has a habit of finding out faults in others. There are reports that Ace Steel grabbed Kenny Omega by his hair during the backstage altercation. Punk has divided the fans and the roster alike. While fans are calling him a crybaby, he doesn’t seem deterred.

The Second City Saint was on Reby Hardy’s watch, who blasted him for talking bad about the EVPs. Matt and Reby support the current version of AEW because the work done by the company professionals is humungous. Punk doesn’t see things from the bigger perspective for anyone or anything.

The issue began when Punk talked about Hangman Adam Page, and The Young Bucks supported Colt Cabana over Punk. It’s funny that Punk still holds a grudge against Cabana and is ready to blast anyone if he sees fit. Reby said you should stand with your colleagues and not speak badly publically.

Tony Khan has refrained from commenting, but he would be questioned and asked this continuously as he favors Punk and calls him his number one guy. Will this hit be more than expected as AEW faces tough competition for Hunter’s WWE? WWE has aced its game, and this divide will serve the company more than AEW.

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