Matt Hardy’s contract expiring soon

Matt Hardy made his surprise return to WWE programming this week and latest reports on the star’s status suggest that things can get interesting in the near future.



According to reports from PWinsider, Hardy’s current contract with WWE is set to expire in February next year and he is currently negotiating a new contract with the company.

While the two parties are not too far apart in the financial aspects, the way the company will be using him in future is said to be the sticking point in their negotiations.

Hardy who is 45 years old believes that the upcoming contract could be his last in professional wrestling and so he wants to make sure he will be used correctly in the future.

There is apparently no non compete clause in Hardy’s deal so he will be free to compete elsewhere as soon as his contract expires.

His brother Jeff although, won’t be leaving the company anytime soon because the officials have added time to his contract for the months he missed due to his injury.

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