Matt Riddle Drops Randy Orton Hiatus Bombshell

Matt Riddle really misses his bro, Randy Orton. The duo that no one would ever think would go over certainly have proved all of us wrong. Matt recently was seen backstage talking about his partner, Randy Orton. It was a very heartfelt scene that has us all in tears. Vince McMahon ‘Demanded’ Rey Mysterio Daughter Kiss.



During a backstage run-in with Ricochet, Riddle spoke about Randy Orton to which he stated the following about The Viper: “He’s not the snake in my boot, he’s the snake in my heart. I miss you, Randy Orton.” This quote was then shared by the official WWE on Fox Twitter account and gained tons of traction as we are slowly seeing Riddle become more and more of a mainstay rather than just someone to fill in time and be laughed at.

After this scene, Raw Talk put up a recent video on the WWE YouTube channel where Riddle was a guest. Of course, most of Riddle’s banter was about weed, but he did show off his injured foot as well. To this, Riddle stated that it needed to stay “elevated”. Riddle was then asked about Orton.

Riddle stated that while he has been trying to contact Randy Orton that it has been futile through all amounts of calls and texts that he has sent through to the other end. What’s even worse is Riddle stated that he called up the Tampa police department and filed a missing persons report. However, the report wasn’t taken as Riddle explained that they were “bros” but due to different last names, the police did not believe they were brothers to which Riddle explained to them what “bro” meant.

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