Matt Riddle Ex-Girlfriend Attacks Him After Raw

WWE star Matt Riddle recently made his return on the edition of Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania 39. He was previously suspended for failing a drug test as per the reports. This was allegedly not his first failed drug test of the year. As a result, attention has been called to the severity of celebrity punishment. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez had also discussed Matt Riddle’s policy violations on Wrestling Observer Radio.



Meltzer said that this appears to be Matt Riddle’s second infraction. They went on to discuss the drug test policy and how WWE delivers it. The time range of violations was also called into doubt, with both parties delving more into Riddle’s story. It is not the only issue Riddle has been dealing with.

Riddle’s ex-girlfriend Daniella Petrow, who previously spoke out against him earlier in 2022 had published a series of videos about the situation. Petrow brought up adult actress Jordan Maxx’s comments about Riddle. ‘The Original Bro’ is reportedly dating adult film star, Misha Montana. Misha recently called out another adult film star, Jordan Maxx for leaking the photos. Petrow also recently took a shot at Riddle.

Daniella Petrow leaks messages after exposing Matt Riddle

A guy named OJ was pictured with Riddle in the post that the Original Bro’s ex took a shot at. It has been revealed that OJ was a guy that Riddle liked to really party it up with, and Riddle’s ex claims that the Original Bro hasn’t slowed down.

Daniella Petrow logged onto Twitter where she posted screenshots from her iMessages, showing off OJ’s tirade at her. She also included a caption to call Riddle’s attention to the matter.

“Matt @SuperKingofBros come get your chihuahua. And tell the people who find these things & send them to me just stop sending them to me & I won’t have something to talk about or give my opinion and voice my concerns over.. but who doesn’t like a truth, teller /whistleblower”

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