Matt Riddle Gets Actress Pregnant After Divorce

Matt Riddle and Misha Montana have been together for a while. Riddle’s personal life has been full of turmoil for some time now. He divorced his ex-wife Lisa last year. He began dating Montana months later.



Misha Montana updated her social media followers to let them know that December will be a big month for them. They are expecting a baby, and she also photoshopped herself onto a woman holding a sign that said “I’m pregnant” to really send the message home.

Misha Montana also included “December 2023” as a caption for this post. Matt Riddle was quick to retweet it as well. This news received an immediate positive reaction from fans, who were obviously happy about how things are turning out for the Original Bro.


Montana showered praise on Riddle while being interviewed earlier this year.

In a recent interview with Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Montana opened up about her romance with The Original Bro, disclosing that they are happy despite receiving unpleasant reactions to their relationship on the internet.

“I’m happy. We’re happy. We have nothing but love in our lives and that’s what we choose to focus on. You know, at some point we had no choice but to focus on things that are in your face and undeniable, you know, and we still do. But it’s just how you approach everything else too. It’s like how you choose to handle it,” she said.

Riddle’s girlfriend also pointed out that the timing at which her relationship with the former United States Champion came to light was inconvenient.

“It was horrible timing. Like inconvenient timing too that I came into the picture and then there’s a simultaneous story about, you know, alleged drug use. And then putting the two together and then no one knows like our history. It’s none of their business. So, like and I’m not gonna put it out just to prove a point to internet wrestling fans, you know, or anyone. So, it’s like you’re just sitting there, I’m quietly watching this just like unfold and, you know, it’s just a difficult thing to deal with. But I hope for now we’re past it,” Montana added.

Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre who made his return at Money in the Bank, will compete in his first match back following a hiatus on next week’s edition of Monday Nigh RAW. ‘The Scottish Warrior’ went after Imperium after the latter attacked Matt Riddle following a match on Raw. McIntyre and Riddle later agreed to team against Imperium.
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