Matt Riddle Girlfriend Defends Controversial Affair

For the few months, Randy Orton has been teaming up with Monday Night RAW Superstar Matt Riddle and together they have been known as Team RK-Bro and have been quite successful since their debut together. They even went on to become RAW Tag Team Champions after defeating AJ Styles and Omos at WWE SummerSlam back in August last year.



They would eventually lose the titles to Alpha Academy earlier this year and since then they have been engaged in a feud with Chad Gable and Otis. They then won back the titles and even defended them at WrestleMania 38. They lost the titles to the Usos and Randy Orton was written off WWE television due to a back injury.

Riddle has been subjected to a ton of abuse and cheating allegations for the past week or so.

The news of his cheating hit another one of his previous partners, Ivy Malibu, as well, who decided to get things off her chest regarding Riddle in a video.

“What I can say is if you’ve seen anything or know anything it all has been true, and a certain person has chosen to make decisions that have hurt me and countless other people I don’t wanna be sitting in my car crying over this and I don’t want it to be attention grabbing, but sometimes people are just …. they’re not good people and that’s OK I wish this person nothing but the best I wish them nothing but healing and happiness in their heart because apparently me and other people couldn’t provide that for them, so they had to take away our happiness “

“Like at the end of the day this is almost like a blessing in disguise because I’m under God like one of the most traumatizing years of my life and had a lot of like terrible things happen all because of one person and I shouldn’t think again I reiterate I should be able to express how I feel and that I’m hurt and that I’m in a lot of pain, and I’m sad like I’m absolutely devastated dejected doleful miserable melancholic whatever you wanna throw out there that’s how I feel play it’s not fair, but that’s like, and I just don’t know what else to say really “

Amid the cheating scandal that Matt Riddle has somehow gotten involved in, Montana took to Twitter and dropped a cryptic message about cheating. She also addressed some shade that has been apparently coming her way.

I’ll say this, cheating is not a crime, telling someone you love them and changing your mind is not a crime. Falling in love with someone isn’t a crime. When did it become acceptable to ruin everyone’s lives because our hearts were broken? Grow up and think about it

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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