Matt Riddle had a tense interaction with Goldberg at Summerslam

The Super King of Bros Matt Riddle has been relentless and ruthless in his criticism of Goldberg in a pro-wrestling ring. Ever since the Hall of Famer’s embarrassing performance in his match against The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia, Riddle has continued to take shots at him on Twitter and in interviews.



At Summerslam, Goldberg squashed Dolph Ziggler and viciously hit him with a couple of spears after the match. However, Ziggler wasn’t the only foe that Goldberg had a tensed interaction with.

Matt Riddle appeared on the Summerslam Watch-Along stream and revealed that he ran into Goldberg backstage at Summerslam. Riddle then revealed that Goldberg told him that they had “some talking to do” and that when he called the former WCW Champion “bro” Goldberg said that he wasn’t his bro.

The host of the Watch Along stream Pat McAfee revealed that this interaction was filmed on camera and was very awkward. Riddle then went on to say that this interaction might continue later down the line.

You can watch Riddle’s revelation of his interaction with Goldberg here:

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