Matt Riddle ‘Incredibly Graphic’ Private Tape Leaks

Matt Riddle, a prominent name in WWE, continues to enjoy support from his devoted fanbase, but his career has not been without its share of controversies. Even during his time in the UFC, he faced issues surrounding marijuana use, which led to his termination. Now, another scandal has emerged, this time involving a private video of Riddle and his wife, Misha Montana, which has leaked online.



The video in question has caused significant uproar due to its explicit and graphic content, with Riddle’s distinctive tattoos confirming his identity in the footage. The timing of this leak is particularly unfortunate for the couple, as they are eagerly expecting their first child later in the year, undoubtedly putting a damper on their joyous news.

Initially, the video was posted by a Twitter account specializing in not-safe-for-work pro wrestling content. Although they later removed the video, it had already been downloaded and retweeted by numerous users, making it challenging to contain its spread. Despite the sensitive nature of the video, Ringside News has made the decision not to share it, respecting the privacy and ethical considerations involved.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Daniella Petrow, Riddle’s ex-partner, has been vocal about his recent controversies, specifically those pertaining to his personal life. In response to the leaked video, she expressed little surprise and suggested that Misha Montana, Riddle’s wife, should exert more control over his actions. She tagged Triple H, WWE, and Ringside News in her tweet, urging them to take action.

However, Daniella Petrow subsequently deleted the tweet and shared that she had learned the identity of the woman in the video, who apparently asked her to remove the post. Petrow then accused Riddle of possessing and recording the video on his phone, but without any consent to share it with others.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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