Matt Riddle Makes Important Drug Announcement

Matt Riddle’s tumultuous journey in WWE reached its inevitable conclusion when the organization released him last month. Riddle had been a controversial figure due to his contentious behavior outside the wrestling ring, and many fans had speculated that his departure was only a matter of time. The situation escalated to a point where physical altercations seemed imminent, as detailed exclusively by Ringside News. Multiple efforts were made to defuse the tensions surrounding Matt Riddle, but his demeanor during these encounters was reported as being “heavily intoxicated.”



Despite his exit from WWE, Riddle’s popularity remained intact, and he quickly garnered interest from various wrestling promotions eager to capitalize on his talent and fan following. Recently, Riddle hinted at a new venture on the horizon, creating anticipation among his supporters.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the wrestler known as “The Original Bro” made a significant announcement. He revealed his upcoming foray into the cannabis industry, signaling a new chapter in his career. The post prominently featured the branding of his own cannabis strain, humorously named “Riddle OG,” indicating his serious commitment to this new endeavor.

With this surprising development, Matt Riddle’s future takes a unique twist, as he ventures beyond the world of professional wrestling into the burgeoning cannabis market. His departure from WWE may have marked the end of one chapter, but it seems that “The Original Bro” is ready to embark on an exciting and unconventional journey in the realm of cannabis entrepreneurship.

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Harrison Carter
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