Matt Riddle ‘On Downward Spiral’ After WWE Firing

The release of Matt Riddle from WWE sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, sparking a deluge of reactions and discussions that reached far beyond the squared circle. Riddle’s WWE career had been marked by controversies, both in and out of the ring, and these issues had become the focal point of his departure. However, one particular reaction from his ex-girlfriend, Daniella Petrow, set the internet ablaze, and the ensuing exchange shed light on the tangled web of emotions and allegations that surrounded Riddle’s exit from the company.



Misha Montana, a prominent figure in the wrestling community, was quick to criticize Daniella Petrow for her seemingly jubilant response to Riddle’s release. Montana’s fiery tirade did not go unanswered, as Petrow swiftly took to social media to defend herself and launch a counterattack. In a series of three tweets, she made several damning allegations against Montana, setting off a digital battle that captivated wrestling fans worldwide.

In her first tweet, Petrow admonished Montana for allegedly dismissing the voices of victims, labeling her as a disgrace to women and a detestable human being. She even went so far as to draw a comparison between legitimate jobs like those at Home Depot and Walmart, contrasting them with the worlds of pornography and wrestling, suggesting that Montana should broaden her perspective.

Petrow’s second tweet took aim at Matt Riddle, removing the allegations against him from the equation and still painting a grim picture. She pointed out Riddle’s repeated stints in rehab and his public intoxication incident, where he falsely accused a police officer of sexual assault. These events, according to Petrow, demonstrated that Riddle’s life had been spiraling out of control long before his association with Montana, punctuating her statement with a clown emoji to emphasize her point.

The final tweet in Petrow’s salvo squarely placed the blame for Riddle’s alleged descent into chaos on Misha Montana, suggesting that their relationship had been the catalyst for his troubles. It was a bold and unapologetic declaration of her opinion, one that would further fuel the already intense debate surrounding the situation.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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