Matt Riddle Photo With Diva Before Firing Leaks

WWE released twenty wrestlers, including talent on the main roster and the developmental brand. It seemed the cuts were done on September 21 but WWE continued to release talent the following day.



Matt Riddle is one of the wrestlers to be released by the company. It has been noted that Riddle has also been off TV for two weeks. The former WWE United States Champion shared the news on his Twitter account.

Misha Montana saw Daniella Petrow’s comments, and she had a lot to say. Montana said that Petrow’s video drop was “a new low even for you.” She also went on to say that the comments were “disgusting” as she used the term “evil low life” to describe Petrow in the process.

“A new low even for you. Anyone that cries tears of joy for someone to lose their job (especially when they have 5 children they support) is an evil low life. You give this liar with a criminal record and alleged history of mental instability a reason to continue to be obsessive, It’s insane. It would be comedic if it wasn’t so disgusting. Your speculation is disgusting and infatuation with trying to demonize someone for article hits is deplorable. It’s fascinating how comfortable people just became with defamation.”

The former WWE United States Champion also ran into issues at JFK Airport after he accused a Port Authority officer of sexually assaulting him on Sep. 10. The next day, TMZ released additional information on the situation and revealed that the Port Authority would investigate the issue. It was also reported that the officers got a call about Riddle being disorderly when deplaning and met him at the terminal. It’s unclear if the investigation is still ongoing.

Riddle was spotted recently at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu dojo alongside Shayna Baszler, as he seemed to be in high spirits.

About Last Night …. 4 Black Belts and all the @rudos_bjj Professors on the mats !! Great No-Gi class w/ Professor @qosbaszler !! Don’t forget.. Your VIBE attracts Your TRIBE @renzogracieroyalpalm

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