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Matt Riddle praises Undertaker while calling “certain people” dangerous

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle poked some fun at Goldberg during the Hall of Famer’s match with The Undertaker at WWE Super Showdown. He criticized the former Universal Champion for the headbutt to the door which prematurely busted him open and may have led to other issues in the match, along with a kneebar which he felt was sub-par.

In a video that was deleted soon after he posted it, Riddle continued his criticism of Goldberg, calling him “the worst wrestler in the business.” Today, the King of Bros took to Twitter to explain his frustration with Goldberg, saying that his love for professional wrestling is why he gets mad at “certain people.”

He went on to call, presumably Goldberg, unsafe, dangerous, and a liability to other performers. Riddle finished his message by calling The Undertaker a true legend.

It was revealed soon after the show was over that officials believe Goldberg had actually suffered a concussion at some point in the night, explaining his performance in ring. He would later apologize to his fans who were disappointed in the match while also addressing his detractors.

  • CC

    I really don’t care much for Riddles gimmick, and all these tweets etc he has been doing with Goldberg or Lesnar are just annoying.

    It’s all well and good trying for some self promotion, but for someone who is supposedly a face, his tweets have an air of heel arrogance to them.

    I am a huge Taker fan, and I will be the first to say that his last few matches have been poor.

  • Dirt McGirt

    …and Riddle just proved he smoked away his last brain cell by praising the Undertaker. Legend? Absolutely, but the man is complete embarrassment in the ring at this point. He should have been done 5 years ago

  • wtf

    it’s time for both of them to retire and riddle needs to stfu lol