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Matt Riddle says his co-workers are ‘pieces of trash’ in video

Matt Riddle Goldberg

Matt Riddle has caused quite a lot of controversy over the past few months thanks to what he has said online. He is not afraid to speak his mind and it seems he has done it once again.

Riddle took to Twitter and posted a selfie video where he sent a message to his “co-workers” and called them “pieces of trash” for not giving him a ride. He was visibly angry in the video.

When none of your co-workers like you and you can’t get a ride to work

Tommaso Ciampa saw this video of Riddle complaining and he had some NSFW words to say to Riddle.

The boys shall police themselves. Aka go f*ck yourself.

Hopefully, Matt Riddle does not continue to cost himself opportunities owing to his behaviour. We also wonder whether Tommaso might be involved in a feud with Riddle upon his return.

  • John cena

    He trashed ufc saying he was getting paid trash and that he was taking blows which could permanently damage his brain. One he made $50 k a fight which is more then most. They also gave medical which most companies don’t. It’s been said he only worked 3 times a year you telling me out of 3 times a year you can’t sober up even once? He got canned from ufc bellator didn’t even bother making a fight for him so he went to wrestling aka sports entertainment for the money. He had no passion at all for wrestling in general it shows. Just there for the quick buck so he can keep buying weed so he doesn’t beat his kids.

  • CC

    Wasn’t it something along the lines of, he would not give up the weed because he claimed it was “prescribed” and then went off on UFC bitching that they allowed people to take performance enhancing drugs that were prescribed, but came down on him because despite being prescribed, marijuana was not legal.
    The pot already had him in deep, but he compounded it by mouthing off and shooting on the company.

  • Keith Learmonth

    If I recall, that was ’cause he wouldn’t give up recreational weed. I suppose that could be attitude, though.

  • CC

    wasn’t it his attitude that basically killed his MMA career as well?

  • oppa

    Why is this idiot still employed? He’s caused more drama than Lio Rush at this point. When is enough enough?

  • Rinn13

    This guy is a tool, whether this one thing is a “Work” or not. He’s proven himself to be an idiot with no respect for the business. He’s just another clown who isn’t a fan of the business, doesn’t care about the business, but thought he could make some $$$$ there. I say WWE needs to trash him, and no other serious promotion should ever bother with him. Bro.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe this has been one big work.

  • Soulshroude

    Owing to “HIS” behavior. PROOFREAD!

  • Keith Learmonth

    I hope… I really hope this is just him playing a character, and setting up for a heel turn on TV. Otherwise, I don’t see him lasting much longer in the company. He’ll get pressured to leave. Which sucks, ’cause as a performer, he has a lot of potential. Would be a shame to see his attitude cost him all of that.

  • CC

    Is this really what it has come to, a guy bitching because he can’t grab a lift from someone?
    Put some shoes on for once “bro”, cause you be walking.