Matt Riddle Shows Off Two Girlfriends In Photo

Matt Riddle’s personal life always makes headlines one way or the other due to his problematic nature, as he is currently in a relationship with two adult stars.



The world of professional wrestling was shaken to its core during this week’s episode of WWE RAW when Matt Riddle’s name started trending on social media platforms. However, the reason behind his sudden notoriety was not what he had ever anticipated. A compromising video featuring the beloved “original bro” had leaked, exposing a side of him that would forever be etched in the minds of those who had seen it. The video quickly went viral, spreading like wildfire across the internet.

Matt Riddle’s ex-girlfriend, Daniella Petrow, wasted no time in expressing her discontent with these recent developments. Taking to Twitter, she voiced her hope that Riddle would seek help for his alleged sex addiction, which she claimed he had yet to address. Her tweet was laden with disappointment and concern for the man she once knew intimately.

Responding to Daniella’s tweet, Misha Montana, Matt Riddle’s current girlfriend, launched a scathing counterattack. In a strongly worded tweet, she denounced what she perceived as biased reporting and the perpetuation of false narratives. Misha also accused certain individuals of being mentally ill and unstable, claiming that their unhealthy fixation and obsession with her boyfriend posed a threat to the safety and well-being of their families. It was clear that tensions were running high, and both sides were determined to have their voices heard.

However, Daniella Petrow was not willing to let Misha’s statement go unchallenged. She fired back with a series of additional tweets, disputing Misha’s characterization of her and others who had spoken out against Matt Riddle. Daniella accused Misha of being ignorant about the experiences and hardships she had endured, stating that she had the courage and determination to speak the truth and be a voice for those who remained hidden. She also referenced an old video from her time with Matt Riddle, highlighting the toll their tumultuous relationship had taken on her mental and emotional well-being, resulting in significant weight loss caused by depression and anxiety.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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