Matt Riddle & Velveteen Dream Firing ‘Demand’ Leaks

With all of the many releases that WWE have just done, it’s no shock that more names could be facing walking out of the door very soon. What could lead to the names being fired is quiet shocking to say the very least. WWE Star Buries Firings: ‘It’s Not A Family’.



Users have taken to Twitter to call out their complete and utter anger over WWE letting go of superstars like Samoa Joe, Peyton Royce, and Bo Dallas. Not only are fans mad about the release, but fans can’t wrap their heads around why those superstars were released but others who have actual reasons to be let go are still employed by the company.

In the Twitter thread that we pulled from, users mention how Jordan Delvin has abuse allegations against him by a former girlfriend and Velveteen Dream also has allegations against him as well. The thread also mentions how Jaxson Ryker called the Black Lives Matter movement “garbage”.

As the thread speaks about the above names, many also chimed in about Matt Riddle’s abuse allegations that were very known about a year ago until it seemingly faded out into obscurity with no real definitive answer to what had or hadn’t happened the night of the supposed abuse, though Riddle has had a very strong legal defense and denied claims.

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