Matt Riddle’s Ex Attacks Him After Officer Meltdown

Over the weekend, WWE Superstar Matt Riddle found himself in the headlines due to an incident that occurred at JFK Airport following his return from India’s WWE Superstar Spectacle. According to an exclusive report from Ringside News, it was revealed that multiple attempts were made to defuse the situation with Riddle before it escalated into a physical altercation. The situation at JFK Airport was described as a “disturbance” caused by Riddle, and he appeared to be heavily intoxicated at the time. Riddle reportedly declined to file a formal complaint but was disruptive enough to warrant the involvement of airport officers.



In response to the incident and the news surrounding it, Matt Riddle’s ex-girlfriend, Daniella Petrow, made a series of statements on social media. She expressed her perspective that Riddle was not a victim in any situation and called him out for allegedly being intoxicated after his time in rehab. Petrow also raised the issue of Riddle accusing a JFK airport officer of sexual assault.

Furthermore, Petrow transitioned her statements to address allegations of sexual abuse that she claims to have suffered. Her comments extended into two videos, and she directed a question to WWE, asking how long they would continue to protect Riddle, whom she referred to as their “baby white-privileged problem child.” Her remarks suggest that she is closely following developments related to Matt Riddle and is calling on WWE to take action.

The incident at JFK Airport and the subsequent reactions from Matt Riddle’s ex-girlfriend underscore the complex and sensitive nature of personal and legal matters involving public figures, especially those within the entertainment industry like professional wrestling. The situation has garnered attention both within and outside the wrestling community, prompting discussions about accountability and the handling of such issues by organizations like WWE.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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