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Mauro Ranallo apologizes for his performance at NXT

Mauro Ranallo, commentator for WWE NXT apologized via Twitter for his performance at the show last night.

He said that the recent car accident and personal issues affected him more than he thought and he was not able to perform well.

“Like me or loathe me, I pride myself on performing my job at the highest level possible. Tonight, I failed. I know it will come across as an excuse to some but the car accident and other personal issues affected me more than I thought. I apologize to WWE NXT I WILL BE BETTER.”

Last night at the Full Sail University, WWE held TV tapings for NXT. We are not really sure how Ranallo has performed on the show, since we will have to wait for the episodes to air on the WWE Network.

Ranallo was involved in a car accident on 24 December where a car lost control and collided with Ranallo’s vehicle at full speed. Fortunately, no one was injured. “An Angel was looking over me last night… Happy to report that no one was seriously injured,” Ranallo had stated in his Instagram post.


  • CC

    He also took a leave of absence recently due to “issues”.

  • I don’t wonder if he’s cut out at all, it’s been obvious he isn’t since he ran crying from Smackdown.

  • CC

    With his already documented mental issues, and now how this crash has affected him, you have to wonder if he is really cut out for this industry. I have never been a fan of his style, but I know a lot of people do like him so this is no comment on his ability to commentate or not, more a case that this is a high pressure industry to be in and with mental health issues like his, putting himself under this pressure may be a catalyst for future break downs.

    I have been in crashes before, and know that it can play on your mind even when you think you are over it, so for someone with his issues that must increase the strain immensely.

    Being in a job you love and in a company which is at the top of that industry is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many, but it is also something that not everyone is cut out for.
    We have seen it before with wrestlers like Nathan Jones who got into WWE then could not hack the schedule and walked away from it.