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Mauro Ranallo apparently in ‘rough shape’

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Although I dont like the way he said it, I have to agree with Dirt. There are going to be times in this buisness and any other buisness, where you’re going to recieve criticism. Whether Graves meant this as a work or not, Mauro does need to be able to work through these kind of things. I’m not saying it wont be easy and I hope he comes back soon.

  • Dirt McGirt

    I don’t remember asking you what you thought. You’ll do well in life to keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Yespage

    Soldier through bipolar disorder… yeah, someone has to be pretty dumb to think that you can just “soldier through” such a thing. LIke telling a woman with post-partum to “get over it”.

  • Dirt McGirt

    You do not matter.

  • The true gift

    Stright up F U and the way you think … you ppl with those thought are part of the problem

  • Dirt McGirt

    Wrong. And for the record, I have anxiety, but I never sit around crying or getting a therapy pet. You have no right to your wrong opinion.

  • CC

    You are part of the problem with you whole “man up” philosphy. That is not how depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorders work. You do not get to decide how you deal with it, it just takes control of you no matter what you do. This is why suicide rates are so high with men because you have to “put your big boy pants on and stop being a snowflake”.
    Show some bloody compassion.

    Metal illness is no different to getting a physical disease like cancer, you can get treatment for it, but there are no guarantees. And you don’t turn round to a cancer sufferer and tell them to man up do you,

  • Dirt McGirt

    I understand that. I also understand the world is a rough place and if you can’t grow some thicker skin and learn how to put people in their place, by socking them in the face when the situation calls for it, you aren’t going to fair well. And as I already stated, Corey is an a-hole and Mauro should sock him in the face.

  • Omar

    He has a mental condition. Also he communicated (even on social media) that he sensed episode of bipolar disorder coming before this incident. He was clear. Corey was just an uncaring a-hole.

  • Omar


  • Dirt McGirt

    Graves is a real life a-hole, but Mauro is an adult and sometimes that means you put your big boy pants on and soldier through. Instead, Mauro seems like a snowflake with a crying closet, which is really too bad because he’s the best announcer WWE has and I’d put him in the top five of all time.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    It was reported that he tweeted he was feeling like he was about to experience an episode of his bipolar and was just trying to get through the weekend. Corey didn’t help matters, but this was something he felt coming and was trying to avoid. At least he is honest with his condition and take steps to try and help himself. I’m glad he has a friend like Frank Shamrock to be there for him.

  • Omar

    Hope he gets better through and pulls through this rut. Whether he returns to NXT or not, I hope he just does what is best for himself.