McMahon Allegedly Had Affairs With 11 Wrestlers

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Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is currently involved in a human trafficking lawsuit and that has truly changed the way people view him. Interestingly enough, former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen has accused Vince of engaging in sexual relationships with male WWE stars in exchange for promoting them on-screen.



During his appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast, Sonnen talked about it as an open secret that McMahon slept with both male and female stars. Sonnen claimed to know 11 people who had been involved with McMahon, with eight of them being women.

Sonnen noted that the others were men and stated that all of them were consenting adults. He noted that he wasn’t joking about these allegations on “The Jim Rome Show” and were surprised when McMahon was removed from the business after all the allegations against him this year.

However, Sonnen believes that McMahon might still make a comeback, but if men start coming forward with similar accusations, it could change the situation significantly.

“I never met Vince, and I know 11 people that he slept with eight of them women, all consenting adults, so which is the implication to [the others being men]. I was talking trash but I wasn’t joking on ‘The Jim Rome Show.’ Anyway, I mean, when Vince got me-too’d out of the business I did think it was a surprise. But as good as he is, I would not completely count that he couldn’t come back. But when the men start coming out, it will be a different story.”

Sonnen also alleged that McMahon would hinder the careers of those who didn’t agree with his advances, briefly mentioning Shawn Michaels as an example. He reckoned that the same tactics McMahon used with women were also applied to men, with careers being influenced by whether or not they complied with McMahon’s demands.

“He would hold their careers over him, just like he would the women. It was the same thing. You get paid more, you get pushed more. This is not a secret in the industry. Like, I’m not talking trash. This was very well known. But, I mean, Shawn Michaels, like guys that you would know there was … [when asked if McMahon and Michaels slept together, he replied] or whatever it is that they [were doing].”

That wasn’t the end of it as Sonnen claimed that not only McMahon but also other WWE executives, such as Pat Patterson, would demand sexual favors from WWE stars in exchange for better opportunities.

He stated that this practice was well-known within the industry and described it as a form of prostitution, noting that careers could be negatively affected if advances were rejected.

“There is a lot of homosexuals that Vince came across but there was also straight guys that just wanted a push in the business, where it, like, turned into prostitution. That was very well known … And not just Vince, Pat Patterson, and some other executives [did too]. Everybody would know, ‘[McMahon would think] This girl turned me down, she’s pulled off TV.’;