McMahon Breaks a Policy for Punk’s Return, Recent WWE Attendance Figures

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:



* RAW on July 22nd in Springfield, MA drew 4,000 fans for $120,000.
* RAW on July 23rd in Wildwood, NJ drew 6,000 fans for $195,000.
* SmackDown on July 23rd in Pittsburgh, PA drew 4,300 fans for $156,000.
* RAW on July 24th in Upper Marlboro, MD drew 3,300 fans for $112,000.
* SmackDown on July 24th in White Plains, NY was a sellout of 4,300 fans for $180,000.
* Monday Night RAW on July 25th from Hampton, VA was a sellout with 8,000 fans.

– It was noted that CM Punk got Vince McMahon to do something he has had a policy against doing in most cases – pay royalty rights to use popular songs instead of WWE-created music, as Punk used Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” on Monday’s RAW.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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