McMahon Family Member Rejects WWE Sale

Where is Ray Combs. If this was WrestleMania 8, Ray may be hosting the family feud of the McMahon’s and Triple H’s. WWE might be being sold – and Tony Khan may buy it. Well, we don’t know that for sure. What is for sure, is that Saudi Arabia are in the running for purchasing the former all-American pop culture monster. But the Tripster and Stephanie aren’t having it.

As per Ringside News, Triple H is still in charge of WWE’s creative direction despite Vince McMahon’s return. That being said, a possible company sale could see a total change in creative direction and personnel. Vince McMahon, and company shareholders, would stand to make a lot of money.

A report from Axios states that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are opposed to Vince McMahon selling the company. There are a number of reasons why they would not want the company to be sold. Stephanie McMahon also stepped down from her role as co-CEO of the company in the process, leaving Nick Khan alone as the company’s only CEO.

WWE is likely going to be sold by mid-2023, if Vince McMahon and Nick Khan’s (no relation to Tony Khan) plan can come together. Mr. McMahon muscled his way back into his Chairman seat on the company’s Board of Directors, and now the company is in search for a buyer. This decision is controversial with fans, and it turns out that they are not alone.



WWE will never ever be the same… again…

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