Media Outlet claims that WWE is planning a Women’s Royal Rumble

We noted before how a report from Wrestling Observer claimed that currently there are no plans for a Women’s Royal Rumble despite the heavy speculation.



However, now the Sun UK has opposed this statement and said that WWE is indeed planning a Women’s Rumble though the format of it might be a little different than the male Royal Rumble:

“Now the event is set to be confirmed, although the details remain scarce and it is possible it may not have entrants as in the male equivalent. A number of women on the roster have already spoken on the possibility of a women’s Rumble.”

This is an interesting news as the report from Observer which says that there are no talks within the company about this match, isn’t even a week old.

Now it’d be interesting to see if the match actually ends up taking place at the PPV next year or not. We’ll keep you posted on any further development.

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