Megan Fox Dumps Boyfriend After UFC Star DM’s?

Megan Fox recently made a solo appearance at the Met Gala red carpet. This led to speculations that her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) might have turned bitter.



Megan Fox was involved in MGK-McGregor tiff?

It comes just hours after MGK and former UFC Double Champion Conor McGregor had a tiff on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday over Conor DMing Megan. According to OK!, it started over McGregor allegedly DMing Megan

As Radar reported, a video showed Megan being pulled to safety and out of harm’s way by security. The musician and the MMA fighter caused a scene when they began screaming at one another, seemingly out of nowhere. Miesha Tate Drops Megan Fox Bombshell

Conor was also spotted throwing a punch at MGK but he surprisingly missing and the security separated them A female can be heard screaming on camera, asking, “Where’s Megan? Where is Megan? Where is Megan?!”

Moments later, Megan was seen running with a security guard as another woman shouted:

“Go this way. Go this way. Get her out this way. Get her out this way.”


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