Mel Gibson Team Reveals Truth About Epstein Rumor

According to the Associated Press, the claim that Mel Gibson is producing a multi-part documentary on child sex trafficking is false. While some social media users have been praising Gibson for his supposed involvement in exposing the illicit industry, his publicist has categorically denied these allegations. The claim gained traction as numerous posts started circulating, spreading the news of Gibson’s alleged project.



One widely shared post on Twitter claimed that Gibson was working on a four-part docu-series that would delve into the $34 billion global child sex trafficking market, involving countries such as Ukraine. Another Twitter user, echoing the sentiment, referred to Jeffrey Epstein as just the beginning and called for the truth to be revealed. Epstein, a disgraced financier, had been facing federal sex trafficking charges but died by suicide in a Manhattan jail.

However, the publicist representing Gibson has clarified that there is no truth to these claims. The actor, known for his controversial remarks and public image issues stemming from antisemitic and racist outbursts in the 2000s, is not involved in any documentary about child sex trafficking. Despite the fervor surrounding the claim on social media, the founder of a Utah anti-trafficking nonprofit, who had previously suggested Gibson’s initial support for a documentary in development, confirmed to the Associated Press that the actor is not participating in the film’s production.

It is essential to exercise caution when encountering information on social media, as false claims can easily gain traction and mislead the public. In this case, the rumor suggesting that Mel Gibson is making a multi-part documentary on child sex trafficking has been debunked by his publicist, asserting that there is no such project in the works.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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