Melania Trump Broke Down Crying After Donald…

Right after 8pm on Election Night in November 2016, Melania Trump began to cry. The early voting projections suggested her husband might actually become US President. But these tears weren’t tears of joy. According to Trump biographer Michael Wolff, Melania had never wanted Donald to run for president. The only comfort when he did was the belief that he could never win.



That night, Melania, known for her quiet and reserved nature, saw her private life drastically change. Her preference for low-key lunches with friends was overshadowed by the glare of the political spotlight.

Despite her initial reluctance, Melania didn’t give up easily. She went on to become perhaps the most distant First Lady in US history.

As the 2024 election campaign progresses, Donald Trump may be fortunate to receive even a congratulatory text message from his wife if he wins in November.

Melania has been conspicuously absent from the campaign trail, rarely mentioned except in awkward moments, such as when Joe Biden referenced Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels during a recent debate.

Biden’s jab about Trump’s morality—suggesting he had an affair while Melania was pregnant—misses the mark chronologically, as the alleged incident occurred after Barron’s birth.

But the bigger mystery than Trump’s moral compass or Biden’s rhetoric is Melania’s whereabouts.

Initially, Melania stayed in New York’s Trump Tower while Barron finished school. When she finally moved to Washington in 2017, it was to be closer to her son.

Now 18, Barron is reportedly considering universities, making it less likely Melania can use him as a reason to avoid public appearances.

In contrast, Jill Biden has played a prominent role in Joe Biden’s campaign, raising questions about Melania’s absence.

While insiders claim Donald values Melania’s opinions privately, the optics matter in elections. Melania’s apparent disengagement doesn’t help Trump’s image, especially when he needs to regain support from women voters.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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