Melania Trump Brutally Insults Donald After…

In a recent interview with the conservative media company Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), former U.S. President Donald Trump revealed that his wife, Melania Trump, doesn’t hesitate to provide her honest opinion about his appearance on television. This disclosure came as a surprise to many, as the Trump family generally avoids publicly criticizing Donald’s appearance.



During the interview, Donald Trump recalled asking Melania how he looked after an appearance in Iowa. Melania reportedly didn’t hold back and told him that he “didn’t look good.” She specifically cited the lighting as the reason, saying, “These lights are terrible.” Both Donald and Melania blamed the powerful and harsh lighting used during his speeches and events for his less-than-flattering appearance on television.

This revelation highlights that Melania has become more candid in her interactions with Donald since they left the White House. This includes reported instances of her expressing anger over a meme Donald shared involving their son, Barron Trump, and her willingness to provide her unfiltered opinions on his television appearances.

‘How did I look?’” Without hesitation, she reportedly said he “didn’t look good.” He continued the recollection by saying, “She said, ‘You didn’t look good, too much light.’ These lights are terrible.”

Donald and Melania reportedly both blamed the “powerful” and “terrible” lights they use for his speeches and events. “The lights get much more powerful,” he said in the viral clip from Oct 1. “But you look like c*** on television.”

Melania’s candidness appears to contrast with the generally supportive and complimentary stance taken by other members of the Trump family when it comes to Donald’s appearance. The interview shed light on the dynamics within the Trump family, showing that even in private conversations, Melania is not afraid to share her thoughts with her husband.

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