Melania Trump ‘Cashing In’ During Trial By…

Melania Trump is facing online criticism after promoting patriotically-themed necklaces from USA Memorabilia’s Fortitude Collection on her social media accounts. The collection includes two designs: Bravery, featuring an engraved image of a soldier and the U.S. flag, and Liberty, featuring an eagle in flight with the U.S. flag. Both designs are available in stainless steel for $125 and gold plating for $175.



The Fortitude Collection celebrates U.S. service members and national values, with customizable options for engraving names, initials, significant dates, and symbols. Purchasers also receive a limited-edition digital collectible.

Despite the patriotic intent, Melania Trump’s promotion received backlash. Attorney Ron Filipkowski shared her Instagram post on X (formerly Twitter), prompting comments that criticized the high prices and perceived exploitation of consumers. Critics accused her of targeting vulnerable buyers and described the promotion as part of an ongoing “grift.”

However, some supporters defended the designs, calling them “beautiful” and praising the fundraising effort for the armed services. This follows other ventures by Melania, including Mother’s Day necklaces priced at $245.

Donald Trump has similarly faced polarized reactions to his product promotions, including the God Bless the USA Bible for $59.99 and limited-edition gold sneakers for $399. His sales efforts come amid rising legal costs from various cases, including his high-profile hush money trial related to payments made during his 2016 presidential campaign. Despite admitting to reimbursing the payment, Trump denies any wrongdoing and claims the trial is a political attack.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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