Melania Trump Creepy White House Rumor Leaks

Former President Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania recently grabbed headlines this week after a new book about Sen. Mitt Romney alleged the former president once bragged of plans to “drop” his then-girlfriend and now wife via Newsweek.



It has been noted that Trump’s team hit back at the claims in the book, calling Romney “a loser” who was “creating false stories to stay relevant.”

However, secrets about their marriage were not the only horror story at the Trumps’ door this week, with a rumor that Melania had the White House exorcised while First Lady.

A post on X, formerly Twitter, by user @pope_head, posted on October 19, 2023, viewed 115,500 times, stated: “Apparently Melania Trump had a Maronite priest exorcise the White House lmao.”

The post included a photo of Donald Trump standing next to a priest. While official figures are not available, multiple reports in the past decade attest to an increase in the number of exorcisms performed in the U.S. and across the globe.

Last year, a survey of 120 Italian exorcists by a Vatican-approved university in Rome found they were overwhelmed by a growing number of “possessed” people, with one researcher saying some exorcists were seeing 30 to 50 cases a day.

However, the claim that Melania Trump perhaps hired one is not true. The rumor has been circulating for several years and has been debunked on multiple occasions. According to the Associated Press and repeated in other reports, Indiana pastor Paul Begley alleged Melania said she would refuse to move into the White House until it was exorcised.


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