Melania Trump Disrespected First Ladies At Funeral?

According to Newsweek, Melania Trump’s choice to wear a light gray coat to Rosalynn Carter’s funeral has sparked controversy, with her former senior adviser, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, suggesting that the former first lady used the occasion as a “photo op.” Melania Trump stood out among the gathering of five first ladies, including Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Jill Biden, who were mostly dressed in black at the memorial service for Rosalynn Carter in Atlanta. Wolkoff, once a close confidante of Melania Trump, accused her of turning the service into a “catwalk” rather than approaching it with dignity and humility.



Wolkoff highlighted Melania Trump’s tendency to wear black for such events in screenshots shared alongside her post. She emphasized that Rosalynn Carter, who passed away at 96 on November 19, was a national treasure known for her humanitarian service, generosity, and compassion. Melania Trump’s outfit choice garnered mixed reactions, with some criticizing it as showboating and making the event about herself, while others felt it was not a significant issue.

Despite the controversies surrounding Melania Trump, the former first lady has maintained a relatively low profile in recent months. Her attendance at the Halloween party at Mar-a-Lago in October marked one of her few public appearances, raising questions about her whereabouts and public engagement during Donald Trump’s court appearances and campaign stops. Wolkoff’s comments add to the ongoing discussions about Melania Trump’s public image and actions, especially in the context of significant events like memorial services.

“In Melania’s case, the picture would have to do all the talking. This time is no different! Melania made this service a photo op for herself, instead of handling her appearance with dignity and humility, she used it as a cat walk.

“Rosalynn Carter, is a national treasure who exemplified a life of humanitarian service with a spirit of generosity, dignity and compassion for all of God’s children. May she rest in peace.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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