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Melania Trump is not featured with First Ladies on the wall at a military hospital.



It has been noted that Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Anne Applebaum joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday and talked about her recent article outlining why Donald Trump wants Ukraine to “lose” against Russia.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski began the segment by reading from Applebaum’s article in The Atlantic:

Trump surely knows, as everybody does, you write, that you Ukrainians are low on ammunition. He must also know that right now, no one except the U.S. can help. Yet Trump wants Congress to block it. Why? This is the part that nobody understands. Trump wants to remain engaged with the world, but on different terms. If Ukraine is partitioned or if Ukraine loses the war, then Trump could twist that situation to his own advantage.

Once the U.S. is no longer the security guarantor for Europe, and once the U.S. is no longer trusted in Asia, then some nations will begin to hedge to make their own deals with Russia and China. Others will seek their own nuclear shields. The United States will lose the dominant role it has played in the democratic world since 1945. All of this could happen even if Trump doesn’t win the election. He is already dictating U.S. foreign policy, shaping perceptions of America in the world. A member of the German parliament told me in Munich that he fears Europe could someday be competing against three autocracies: Russia, China, and the United States.

“The bottom line is, isn’t this for Putin? Or do you see some other ulterior motive here?” Brzezinski asked.

“So I think it’s really important to distinguish Trump from the isolationists of a previous generation,” Applebaum replied, adding:

You know, the isolationists in the 1930s weren’t planning to do business with Hitler, or at least most of them weren’t, certainly not the ones in the Senate.

Trump has a lot of motives here. He keeps very quiet about Russia and very quiet about Ukraine. He knows that Russia is unpopular, and rightly so, given the scenes that we’ve just seen. He knows that Ukraine is still popular. Polling shows Ukraine is popular in the United States because of helping Ukraine is supported by most Americans.There’s a majority in Congress for supporting Ukraine. The White House supports Ukraine.

And yet he has ulterior motives. You know, we can, you know, I hear versions of them, some to do with oil, some to do with trading with Russia. Some may be personal. Maybe he thinks Putin will help him again in his election campaign. But the point is, we have a leader of the United States whose loyalties are not to the United States. They’re not American national interests.

They’re not aligned to America, America’s alliances. Remember, America’s alliances are sources of economic advantage as well as security advantage. You know, our trade with Europe. Why do Europeans buy so much American weaponry? Why do they buy American airplanes? Why do they buy American energy technology?

“One of the reasons they do it is because they want good relationships with the country that guarantees their security. Once that’s over and it is beginning to end, as people see that Trump is influencing the U.S. even while out of power, many of those economic relationships and political relationships will die as well. And so Trump is acting in his own interests and not in the U.S. interest,” Applebaum added.

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