Melania Trump ‘Doesn’t Care’ After Arrest

In a surprising turn of events, former President Donald Trump expressed praise for his wife, Melania, in an interview just hours after being indicted on seven criminal charges related to the possession of classified documents. This revelation emerged during an interview on a WABC radio program hosted by Trump’s former campaign advisor, Roger Stone.



During the interview, which took place on Wednesday, Trump, who was celebrating his 77th birthday, commended Melania for her beauty, her successful career as a model, and her resilient attitude amidst his mounting legal troubles. The former president stated that Melania “doesn’t care that much” about the criminal charges leveled against him.

Describing his wife, Trump emphasized her positive qualities, stating, “She’s a terrific person. She’s a very beautiful person. As you know, she made a tremendous amount of money when she was very successful as a model.” He continued to laud Melania’s remarkable attitude, describing her as having an amazing disposition, a tremendous heart, and a confidence that allows her to take things as they are.

Trump contrasted Melania’s approach with that of others who constantly seek attention, asserting that she is the opposite and does not require constant external validation.

These comments from Trump regarding Melania came shortly after an event where she did not appear by his side. On Tuesday, the former president was arraigned on charges of violating the Espionage Act through the alleged retention of classified records. Melania’s absence during this critical moment did not go unnoticed.

Trump entered a not-guilty plea to all counts and was released, with the judge overseeing the arraignment hearing imposing restrictions on his communication with witnesses involved in the case.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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