Melania Trump Drops Biden Marriage Bombshell

According to MSN, Melania Trump’s recurrent absence from certain events was often rooted in more commonplace reasons. In essence, she exhibited a discerning preference for avoiding activities that didn’t align with her personal inclinations. Moreover, she didn’t perceive a pressing need for her presence, unlike the dynamic observed with Jill Biden’s constant proximity to Joe Biden, which Melania found somewhat awkward. Expressing her sentiments to Stephanie Grisham, Melania conveyed that she didn’t feel the need to be a constant support to her husband, stating she didn’t have to “hold her husband up” in the same manner.



For Melania, maintaining silence became a form of protection, described by Winston Wolkoff as her “armor.” This deliberate reticence served as a shield, preventing a complete understanding of who she truly was. Wolkoff expounded on this, highlighting that Melania and she maintained an “ongoing pre-approved list” of descriptors that could be used to characterize her. Terms such as “confident,” “strong,” and “independent” were carefully curated to convey specific facets of Melania’s persona, showcasing a deliberate effort to control the narrative around her public image. The calculated use of words became an integral part of Melania’s strategy to project a carefully constructed image to the public while keeping certain aspects of herself shielded from scrutiny.

Usually, however, Melania’s absence was due to more mundane reasons: She didn’t really like doing certain things, and she didn’t feel like her husband needed her to. She appeared to find it cringey the way Jill Biden always seemed to be hanging around Joe, once telling Grisham that she didn’t need to “hold her husband up” the same way. Being silent was “Melania’s armor,” Winston Wolkoff said. “It was a way to protect her by not letting anyone fully know who she is,” she said, adding that she and Melania had an “ongoing pre-approved list” of words to describe her, such as “confident” “strong” and “independent.”


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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