Melania Trump Drops Tucker Carlson Bombshell

A comprehensive report from Axios sheds light on the potential high-ranking appointees that Donald Trump might consider for his administration if re-elected as president in 2024. The report suggests that Trump, aiming to fill key government positions, seeks loyalists who share his fervor for punishing critics, purging non-believers, and endorsing controversial legal and military actions.



The ideal Trump envisions is characterized by “all loyalty, no restraints,” according to Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei. The former president desires individuals who will assist him in targeting and penalizing critics, including government officials and journalists, implementing stringent immigration measures, and potentially deploying the military for various purposes.

While Trump hasn’t finalized specific roles for particular figures, the report notes that he has been clear about the type of individuals, mostly older white men, he envisions serving in his administration if he secures a second term.

“Trump hasn’t settled on specific roles for specific figures, and hates it when his staff and friends speculate otherwise. It’s not in his DNA to do detailed personnel planning, and a lot depends on the last few people he’s talked to,” the report says. “But in rolling conversations with friends and advisers, he’s been clear about the type of men — and they’re almost all older, white men — he’d want to serve at his pleasure if he were to win a second term.”

Among the potential vice presidential candidates listed are hard-right figures like Senator J.D. Vance, Kari Lake, and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Notably, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson stands out as a compelling choice, endorsed by Melania Trump, who views him as a powerful onstage extension of her husband.

While some dismiss the idea of Carlson as a potential vice president due to concerns about outshining Trump and being uncontrollable, Trump himself has expressed admiration for Carlson, stating, “I like Tucker a lot. … He’s got great common sense.”

Additional potential appointees in a hypothetical new Trump administration include Stephen Miller as attorney general, with Carlson endorsing him for his understanding of how the system works. Carlson also advocates for Steve Bannon as Trump’s White House chief of staff. Other familiar names from the previous administration, such as Kash Patel, Ric Grenell, John Ratcliffe, and Jeffrey Clark, are also listed as potential returnees, despite legal concerns surrounding Clark’s involvement in Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results.

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