Melania Trump Employee Reveals Donald ‘Threat’

Former White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham recently reacted to former President Donald Trump’s cryptic social media post on Friday, calling it “chilling.”



A day after being arraigned in federal court over his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, Trump took to Truth Social, where he simply wrote, “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!”

Trump is currently running for president again and has promised to clean house in the federal government by purging it of the supposed “deep state” that has indicted him twice in federal court. Trump pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Filling in on CNN’s OutFront on Friday, Brianna Keilar asked Grisham to react to her former boss’ remark.

“Well, I think it’s chilling,” she replied. “Legally, it doesn’t seem like it’s very smart. But how is that not intimidation? And you know, what other people are going to take a message from that? As we have seen and heard, people really believe that Donald Trump sent them to the Capitol and people really felt like hours later when he said to stop, they listened.”

Trump infamously incited a riot at the Capitol during the certification of the 2020 election. For two months, he falsely claimed the election was stolen from him. As a result, some of his reporters became incensed and tried to overthrow the republic as Trump reportedly watched the chaos on television.

“And so, I just don’t understand,” Grisham continued. “Does someone have to get hurt before people take this kind of online intimidation seriously? The people – and I know he’s pointing out the prosecutors – but you know, as somebody who gets death threats every other day, it makes me nervous. It should make anybody who’s ever spoken out against him nervous. And that’s a lot of people.”

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