Melania Trump ‘Excited’ During Donald’s Trial?

Michael Cohen, a former aide of the ex-president Donald Trump, claimed on Wednesday that Melania Trump is pleased with the news that Donald Trump will not be attending their son Barron Trump’s graduation ceremony. Barron, 18, is set to complete his schooling in Palm Beach, Florida.



Cohen made the comments during an appearance on the MeidasTouch “Political Beatdown” podcast, where he also addressed Trump’s claims that he was barred by the court from attending Barron’s graduation. Cohen found Trump’s claims unfounded and added that he was not sympathetic to Trump’s situation.

According to Cohen, Melania Trump was “extremely excited” that her husband would not be present at their son’s graduation. Cohen also mentioned that Trump faces multiple criminal charges and is in the midst of a trial, which Cohen deemed as a more significant issue than his potential absence from Barron’s graduation.

“So before I start shedding a tear for him, for Baron and I’m sure Melania is extremely excited he’s not going to be there,” Cohen said while speaking on the MeidasTouch “Political Beatdown” podcast, adding that “rest assured … I’m not losing any sleep, nor am I going to shed a tear that Trump can’t go to Barron’s graduation.”

Barron Trump is set to graduate in May, and Trump recently criticized Judge Juan Merchan, suggesting the judge might prevent him from attending his son’s high school graduation

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