Melania Trump ‘Ghosts’ Donald After Hunter Biden…

Hunter Biden’s ongoing trial has been marked by contrasting displays of family support compared to other high-profile legal proceedings, such as Donald Trump’s recent hush money trial. Throughout Hunter Biden’s proceedings concerning charges related to a 2018 gun purchase, his wife, Melissa Cohen-Biden, has stood by his side daily, holding hands as they entered the court in Delaware. This stands in stark contrast to Melania Trump’s absence during Donald Trump’s lengthy trial in New York City, despite being in proximity at Trump Tower.



The Bidens have shown solidarity during Hunter’s trial, with several family members attending to show support. Melissa Cohen-Biden witnessed testimonies detailing Hunter’s alleged drug use, including incidents around the time of the offenses. Notably, Hunter’s stepmother, First Lady Jill Biden, has also been present for much of the trial, providing emotional support amidst the legal proceedings.

President Joe Biden, while expressing pride in his son’s resilience, has not attended court sessions due to official duties in France. Despite this, he and Jill Biden have consistently voiced support for Hunter, emphasizing his strength in overcoming challenges. Jill Biden even traveled briefly to France for D-Day commemorations but returned promptly to attend court the following day.

In contrast, Donald Trump’s family presence during his trial was notably sparse. Only Eric Trump appeared regularly, with Donald Trump Jr. also making occasional appearances. Ivanka Trump remained absent from court, largely withdrawing from public engagements since her father’s presidency. Following Donald Trump’s conviction, Ivanka posted a nostalgic Instagram story featuring her father, expressing affection but maintaining distance from the legal proceedings.

Hunter Biden’s daughter, Naomi Biden, testified in his defense, candidly discussing his struggles with addiction, particularly after the death of her uncle, Beau Biden. While additional family members like Hunter’s uncle James Biden were anticipated as witnesses, their testimonies were ultimately not pursued by the defense.

As Hunter’s trial nears its conclusion with closing arguments underway, the courtroom scenes reflect a contrast in familial support and public presence between the Biden and Trump families during their respective legal challenges.

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